Issues and Trends in Learning Technologies (ITLT)—formerly published as Issues and Trends in Educational Technology (ISSN 2168-1325)—is published semiannually by the Learning Technology program at the University of Arizona. The journal covers design, development, use and assessment of educational technology in innovative ways, and features articles about research and theory as well as book, serious game and article reviews. The journal takes full advantage of its nature as an online publication, and authors are encouraged to submit material that would be unsuited for traditional print publication, such as video, high-resolution color images, software, and interactive data visualizations.

ITLT publishes articles as they are ready, twice a year.

One of the missions of ITLT is to provide access to exemplary graduate student work. We highly encourage submission of distinguished student papers (course projects, papers written as part of a graduate coursework, grants, etc.). Graduate student work is presented in a separate section of the journal, with a distinct and clearly-articulated review process.

Open Access Policy

ITLT offers immediate open access to all published content, and operates on a nonprofit basis.

  • There is no charge to submit or review articles.
  • ITLT does not pay authors for their submissions.
  • There is no subscription or access fee for ITLT.

Special Issues

Periodically, complete issues of ITLT will feature articles on specific topics of interest. These special issues will be preceded by a targeted call for papers, and may be entrusted to one or more guest editors. We encourage readers and contributors to submit proposals for special issues in their areas of expertise and interest.


The views expressed in ITLT articles are the views of the authors, and the views expressed in ITLT editorials are the views of the editors. They are not the views of University of Arizona. References or external links to products and services do not constitute an endorsement, promotion or recommendation by the authors or ITLT.

Institutional Policies

Authors are responsible for conforming to all applicable institutional research and publication policies and procedures, including but not limited to those governing Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, conflicts of interest, and scholarly integrity.


ITLT is published by the University of Arizona College of Applied Science & Technology and the University of Arizona Libraries.